Seven Days till Sundown

Released: March 9th, 2016

The world is dying.

Days stretch on, nights never end, and any glimpse of the sun is likely to be your last. As the world begins to stop, Anya and her family must travel toward the edges of the earth in an attempt to stay within the sunset’s glow, for if they fall into darkness, the elements are likely to kill them . . . if they don’t get themselves killed first.

With food in dangerously short supply and enemies everywhere they look, their time is running out.

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Writing the Wrong Book

Sometimes, writing is hard. It’s as though mousetraps have been placed on your keyboard, and every button press leads to the snap, snap, snap of the little machines, and all you want to do is throw your computer across the room.

Every book I’ve ever written has had moments like that. They wrap themselves around your brain, refusing to let go until they’re penned. Even when you consider giving up, you don’t. Stubbornness has taught you that it’s better to have something written than nothing.

Well you know what I say? That’s a load of bollocks.

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